Films/Movies I’ve Recently Watched.

Life Itself. 
This one meant a whole lot to me.

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Films/Movies I’ve Recently Watched.

Clouds of Sils Maria. Art+Craft. Nightcrawler. Whiplash. Mommy. Deux Jour, Une Nuit. Alleluia. Gone Girl.

Twas a good month.

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Films/Movies I’m Dying to See.


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My grandfather saw UFOs. For real.

In 1958 Carson Yorke, who in 1944 was a lance corporal with the first Canadian Army fighting in northwestern Europe, recalled this sighting:

"This occurred in September 1944, just outside Antwerp, Belgium, which the Germans were bombarding at the time with V-2 rockets. At about nine p.m. I stepped out of my vehicle and on looking upward saw a glowing globe traveling from the direction of the front line toward Antwerp. It seemed to be about three or four feet in diameter and looked as though it was cloudy glass with a light inside. It gave [off] a soft white glow. Its altitude seemed to be about 40 feet, speed about 30 miles per hour, and there was no sound of any sort.

"I noted that the object was not simply drifting with the wind but was obviously powered and controlled. Immediately [after] it had gone out of view it was followed by another which in turn was followed by five others in all.

"During this time I called some other men out to see so the objects were observed by about five men. We weren’t very impressed at the time because the Germans were using so many new weapons against us, such as the V-1 and V-2, so we assumed that these were simply some new sort of device of theirs. Also, remember that these objects were apparently following the same course V-2s which were falling on Antwerp regularly at the time, one every few minutes if I remember correctly."

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Lucy Hilmer - Birthday Suits

Lucy Hilmer photographs herself every year on her birthday, April 22nd, wearing nothing but her white Lollipop underpants, shoes and socks. She’s been doing this for 40 years, since her 29th birthday. In 2015, she will be 70.

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Movies/Films I’m Dying to See.

Beats of Antonov.

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Werner Herzog’s short film From One Second to the Next

Please watch if you drive a vehicle or have been a passenger of someone who texts & drives. This should be required viewing for everyone

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That’s my girl.
Brit Marling Fights for Strong Roles in Movies like TIFF Civil War Drama ‘The Keeping Room’.

That’s my girl.

Brit Marling Fights for Strong Roles in Movies like TIFF Civil War Drama ‘The Keeping Room’.

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Films/Movies I Watched This Week.

Under the Skin/Only Lovers Left Alive. 

'twas a very good week.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a television show (if it makes it past the pilot).

How & Why.

Written & Directed by Charlie Kaufman.

Starring Catherine Keener, John Hawkes, Sally Hawkins and Michael Cera.

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In The Mood For Love (2000)

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Mood Indigo.

Finally a proper trailer and a release date. Happy!
Even if the story doesn’t hold up it will be a beautiful, beautiful mess.

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Movies/Films I’m Dying To See.

Maps To the Stars.

Oh, Mr. Cronenberg.

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Films/Movies I’m Dying To See.

Stranger By the Lake.

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